Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 13, 2009 - Day 11 - The nausea bug

Grrrr. It's so frustrating to get sick during May migration. Wednesday morning started off poorly and sort of just fell to pieces from there. I woke up well before my alarm to get ready to leave and noticed that it took an absurd amount of energy to drag myself out of bed. Uh oh. I poured some cereal and took a bite. Uh oh # 2. My stomach flip-flopped and I immediately stopped eating. Now, of course, being May, I ignored the signals telling me to go back to bed thinking it would go away as soon as I got out onto the trails but it wasn't meant to be. By 11:00am, after a slow morning at the tip, I broke out into the sweats. Uh oh # 3. I realized I needed that if I kept pushing myself, I was going to leave something on the trails that no one but soil decomposers would appreciate. Also, it's not normal for someone my age to have to take bench-sitting breaks just to keep going. Final uh oh before deciding to leave.

Therefore, there's hardly a thing to post for the day...and since it's now Thursday as I post this and I still feel like sh@t, I think I'll leave it at that :D

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