Saturday, June 20, 2009

Forgotten but not gone

If one was to count how many excuses I've come up with on Cerulean Sky as to why I haven't posted for weeks on end, one would likely find that the number of posts including said excuses outnumbers the posts without them...did that sentence make sense? I think it does.

Anyway, here's a list of reasons for my absence for you to choose from (as a friend pointed out, my last entry was quite the cliffhanger. I'm sick, and then no more posts!).

a) Busy with work. Perhaps my best excuse since I got a new position at work where I now perform a variety of cool administrative tasks. More responsibility, lots of challenges, etc. I'm loving it, but it is a time burglar.

b) I'm back in Toronto. The city provides so many distractions that when my day off finally comes, sleeping in and then socializing is just so tantalizing. I have, fortunately, made it out birding since I've been back in the city after being at Pelee for two weeks but nothing substantial enough.

3...oh, I mean c) No Marianne. I miss you, Marianne!

So, you're asking, when is he going to get around to talking about birds? Welllll, one goal I have in the next little while is to actually do a complete May post detailing the entire month. I also have to get out my complete May list as well. And of course, my favourite, the May misses!!

I'm also going to get around to catching up on and commenting on others' blogs entries that I've been missing lately. Let's hope I can bring Cerulean Sky back to some regularity!

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Blake A. Mann said...

We haven't forgotten about you! Been an extremely busy spring for all of us!
Hoping to see a Roseate Spoonbill somewhere.....