Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Bird Detective - The Inspiring Stutchbury

Just got back from Bridget Stutchbury's book launch for her second book on birds, this one titled The Bird Detective: Investigating the Secret Life of Birds. Of course, a highlight was getting my copy signed along with Silence of the Songbirds but aside from her celebrity in the birding community, Bridget is a wonderful, passionate woman who is making great contributions to the study of birds, and to bird conservation.

She has once again opened my eyes to bird-friendly coffee, which I need to start making happen in my life. I've quickly fallen into the trend of a coffee a day and I've gotta start being more aware of my choices and how they affect our North American migrants.

After watching her presentation, I hope beyond hope that she soon writes a third book on bird migration. It is unbelievably fascinating how far birds fly in such short time spans, filling the forests and skies as they travel between the north and the south. Bridget has a way of choosing a few perfect examples of how birds seem to defy what is possible for these animals to accomplish and I think it would make for a great read (after further research of course...her research in migration still seems to be in its infancy).

I highly recommend picking up a copy of her book. She's an inspiration. Really. Not only is she passionate about her work but she walks the talk. I can guarantee her ecological footprint is pint-sized. An inspiring night.

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