Friday, November 02, 2012

#303 - Snow Bunting (!)

Yessir, I got my 1st Snow Bunting o' the year in Nov. Isn't that redonk?! I mean come on! A common Code 1 on 11/1/12 instead of 1/11/12. And it was a twitch! Sarah Rupert tweeted to tell me where one was hanging out behind Towlie's Harbour in Leamington and I had to drive out to get it. In my defense, I am from the deep south where they're just arriving.

Oh well, I've seen one now so y'all know I'll see a flock of 50 tomorrow. There wasn't much else around Pelee Days Inn. The long-staying group of shorebirds has finally departed.

Only other bird of note for the day was a juvenile Red-necked Grebe at Hillman Marsh (N Lakeshore side) along w/ a good # of Horned Grebes and Common Loons. As far as I remember, this is a new species for my Point Pelee List so I was quite pleased w/ it. There was also an Iceland Gull on the lake at this location and LOTS of Bonaparte's Gulls (no Black-headed Gulls or Ross's Gulls mixed in unfortunately).

Going to Pelee in the morning w/ Marianne so we're hoping for a Hurricane bird if we're really lucky. I'd be beyond happy if I got another year bird.

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