Monday, September 24, 2007

Quick update

So I've been procrastinating with my usual posting proficiency but there is a reason: job hunting! Late last week and early this week have been dedicated to applying to a new position. Instead of a sales associate in a retail outlet, I am now employed with a Toronto Organization, Environmental Defence!

My shifts are all after 3:30pm, which leaves a lot of good time for birding (man, I'm going to be walking a lot) in the mornings. Hence, more posts. I have to provide an update for a short bit of volunteer service I performed last Friday though. Waking up at 5:30am so I could get downtown for 6:30, I helped out the Fatal Light Awareness Program (a clever anagram) with their work. More on that soon.


Peleechickadee said...

You got a new job!?!?!? That is AWESOME!! so what are you doing?....did you read my updated blog??

Jeremy Hatt said...

Yeah, I read it. I really like how you described fall migration in your blog so I think I might follow suit. My job: a canvasser for Environmental Defence, which is both nerve wracking and exciting. On the bright side, now I don't have to ask for time off for the OFO convention in 3 weeks!