Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I So Hate Hiatuses

No, I have not quit birding. I have, however, neglected Cerulean Sky for far too long. But not to fear. I'm back, the weather is showing signs of warmth, early migrants are being reported, male passerines are beginning to sing, and I am ready to leave the cold and snow behind and enter my favourite season. Spring.

Of course, with spring on the way, some planning must take place. A week vacation is in the works so that I can actually get to Point Pelee this May (it was torture having to miss the entire month of May in 2007 since I was already in the city). Since I'm now quite used to many of the Toronto hot-spots, I'll actually be able to get some good birding done in the city as well.

In the short term, I'm heading out to Humber Bay East this coming Saturday to check out the trio of Harlequin Ducks (2 females and a lucky male). I'm also running out of chances to look for Pine Grosbeak and there are no more reports coming in from the GTA. I've tried various locations, but not frequently enough. I have a valid excuse though, I swear! Before February, I was taking daily walks to the waterfront to look for gulls and waterfowl as well as taking trips to farther-afield GTA locations for Pine Grosbeaks. This was before we were hit with back-to-back storms that left the entire city covered in snow and ice. The other problem. I no longer have winter boots. The boots I was using were not proper winter boots at all to begin with. Now the right boot has a large hole in the ankle, which makes walking through snow cold and painful. To go out birding, I either need to suck it up and purchase winter boots for the remaining bit of winter, or just go out in running shoes and risk frostbite. I'll keep you posted.

Well, the break from extensive birding is over and I'm so glad spring migration is on the way. So, expect a few more posts in the next little while, some of which will likely turn into environmental/ethical rants so be prepared. I have some things to say about the last TOC meeting, a lot to say about the Cormorant cull on Middle Island, and potentially a brief discussion of another controversy regarding Point Pelee...(I'm going to leave that last point vague for the time being).

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