Monday, January 02, 2012

First 10 Birds of 2012

It's always fun to get a list of the first 10 birds you see in a new year. Usually I can get to 10 in one day but due to inclement weather on the 1rst, I only got 2 species! Ring-billed Gull and Red-tailed Hawk. On my train ride back to Toronto, however, I had much more success (other than knowing I was speeding right on by a Mountain Bluebird). Here's my first 10 species of 2012:

1) Ring-billed Gull
2) Red-tailed Hawk
3) House Sparrow
4) Rock Pigeon
5) European Starling
6) Horned Lark
7) American Kestrel
8) American Crow
9) Tundra Swan
10) Wild Turkey

1 comment:

Blake A. Mann said...

Holy crap! Three posts in a day or so!
Nice stuff and it was nice to see you at the Great Gray Owl in the 24th.