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Mammal and Herptile Lists of 2012

So I spent a couple hours the other day going through 2012 notes and eBird lists w/ Mark Field, which is always a kind of hilariously disjointed conversation because we always seem to falter something like as follows:

Mark: "Ok, so our Greater White-fronted Goose isn't on eBird. What date was that?"

Jeremy: "That's weird...let me search it. Oh, you're right, it's not on there. I better add it to the list so I'm not missing anything for Cochrane. Do you want me to share that day with you and Anonymous User?"

Mark: "I have some pictures I can send along w/ our report to show it wasn't the Greenland subspecies. Wait...there are a bunch of other subspecies."

Both: *incoherent rambling about scientific names of various subspecies.

Jeremy: "Yeah, when I type it into Explore Data on eBird, it comes up w/ a 'Tule' subspecies. What is that?"

Mark: "Winter Wren...did you see that?"

Jeremy: "Where did my wine go?!?!...........Oh, there it is. I really need to go through my notes to figure out all the mammals I had last year. Oh and the date was September 11."

Mark: "Oh, I spoke with David Beadle and I'm going to send that moth photo to him to identify."

Jeremy: "But so....AAAAACKKKKHHHHH.....HHHH.....CKKKKH..."

Mark: "Are you ok?"

Jeremy: "Sorry, I accidentally deleted something I didn't want to."

And it went on like this...

And yet, in our labyrinthine way, we somehow always manage to finish what we set out to do. And while all this discussion was happening, I went through the Ontario Mammal Atlas and the ROM Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of Ontario and figured out my mammal and herptile lists for the year.

Obviously since this wasn't my priority on many of my trips, other wildlife sightings were mostly incidental so I could have seen more if I had tried or paid a bit closer attention but birds were always my top concern. Long story short, we need eMammal.

2012 Mammal List


Virginia Possum – Saw lots of dead ones at the roadside but had one alive one at Walpole Island w/ Mark Field

Shrews and Moles

Shrew sp. (I didn't catch any to identify them by their teeth unfortunately).
     - I also don't recall seeing any moles. Gotta start paying more attention and keeping better notes. Living on the farm now w/ spring on the way, I should have no trouble finding all sorts of cool things around here.


Eastern Red Bat – A beautiful individual at Presqu’ile Provincial Park w/ MayaRicker-Wilson and Mark Field while listening for Barred Owl.
Little Brown Bat - Pelee and elsewhere
    - I know I had other bat species but I didn't identify them at the time. Anyone have any idea what bats would be in the James Bay area during early September? 

Rabbits and Hares

Eastern Cottontail
Snowshoe Hare
European Hare - Essex County w/ Marianne Reid Balkwill


Eastern Chipmunk
    - One of my big disappointments was not remembering to look for Least Chipmunk during my trip to Rainy River.
Woodchuck - One at James Bay near the Longridge Camp was interesting. I see that there is no record of one in that region for the previous Ontario Mammal Atlas (likely due to lack of effort).
Gray Squirrel
Red Squirrel
          - This year, I really want to get over to Pelee Island again to look for Fox Squirrel
American Beaver
Deer Mouse
Meadow Jumping Mouse - outside of Toronto during a survey
Meadow Vole
Common Muskrat
Norway Rat
House Mouse
North American Porcupine - My favourite mammal sighting of the year - w/ Mark Field. It was crossing Highway 17 in southeast of Laird.


Beluga - 3 at the James Bay coast. Another highlight.


Gray Wolf - an individual that approached Mark Peck and I along the shores of James Bay. Unforgettable experience and decent photos taken.
Red Fox - including the CrossMorph at the James Bay Coast and in the Moosonee sewage lagoons. 
Black Bear
Northern Raccoon
Marten - Little Piskwamish along James Bay coast
Striped Skunk
River Otter - Algonquin Provincial Park and Wawa Sewage Lagoons
        - I'm pretty sure I saw a weasel last year as well but have no notes.


White-tailed Deer
Moose - 2 along highways in the north

Reptiles and Amphibians 2012

Frogs and Toads

American Toad
Gray Treefrog
Spring Peeper
Western Chorus Frog
Wood Frog
Northern Leopard Frog
Green Frog
American Bullfrog


Snapping Turtle
Painted Turtle
                MidlandPainted Turtle
                WesternPainted Turtle
Northern Map Turtle
Blanding’s Turtle


Common Five-lined Skink


Common Gartersnake
Northern Watersnake
Dekay’s Brownsnake
Eastern Foxsnake

Not much a snake list considering how many species we have in southwestern Ontario. There are many I hope to come across this year. 

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