Thursday, August 02, 2007

Birding Meme

We've seen memes appear everywhere on Facebook, MySpace, email, etc. but this is the first time I have ever found a birding meme so I have to participate!

What state (or country) do you live in?: Ontario, Canada
How long have you been birding?: 12 years (since 1995)
Are you a "lister"?: I do a 'May List' every year and I sometimes go out of my way for a lifer but I wouldn't label myself a 'lister' in the strict sense of the term.
ABA Life List: 294 (this should be much higher)
Overall Life List: Same; I haven't traveled outside of North America yet
3 Favorite Birding Spots: 1. Point Pelee National Park, Ontario - my second home and one of my favourite places to be. Period.
2. Hillman Marsh, Wheatley, Ontario
3. Florida - I have been there twice and I'm going again this November so I'm developing quite a list for the state (oops, another list again)
Favorite birding spot outside your home country: Well, I guess it would be Florida like in my last answer. I wish I have traveled more to actually be able to pinpoint a favourite spot.
Farthest you've traveled to chase a rare bird: Eagle, Ontario for a Pyrrhuloxia
Nemesis bird: American Bittern
"Best" bird sighting: I always enjoy seeing birds out of season or early and late migrants; I haven't really been the first to find any really rare birds yet but the time will come.
Most wanted trip: Right now, Arizona/Texas - I'm doing Arizona this coming spring with my best birding friend, Marianne.
Most wanted bird: I'll say in terms of Florida - Royal Tern or Sandwich Tern
What model and brand of bins do you use?: Bushnell Legends 8x42 13-4208 Waterproof 330 ft FOV @1000 yds (I know, I have to upgrade)
What model and brand of scope do you use?: It's borrowed from Marianne and I don't remember the model right now. It's Bushnell though, I think.
What was the last lifer you added to your list?: Pacific Loon
Where did you see your last lifer?: Point Pelee on the lake at the end of Shuster's Trail
What's the last bird you saw today?: Rock Pigeon - they're EVERYWHERE in the city
Best bird song you've heard ever: Sandhill Crane has a haunting sound but I like the uniqueness/strangeness of the Bobolink's song and the familiarity of the Horned Lark's (they always reminds me of being at home on the farm
Favorite birding moment: It's hard to pinpoint just one so here are a few: My first Prothonotary Warbler - my hands were shaking and my eyes actually teared up a bit because I wanted to see one so badly at the time and the sight was stunning. Another is the Neotropic Cormorant, which brought birders from all over Ontario to witness the rare species (first record for Canada). Another would have to be my trip with Marianne to Eagle to see the Pyrrhuloxia and my first Varied Thrush. It was a really fun day we had together even if we had to freeze in the cold wind waiting for the Pyrrhuloxia to come back to the feeder it kept returning to. The Varied Thrush was just icing on the cake. Actually, most of my favourite birding moments involve Marianne and I birding together and I wouldn't trade the memories we've had over the years for anything.
Least favorite thing about birding: Whenever politics gets involved (people talking about who's better than who, who can't be trusted with their sightings, etc. We're out there to have fun and enjoy the birds, not compete by putting others down).
Favorite thing about birding: Sharing a sighting with someone who is equally excited as you are, the constant learning process and the challenges in identification, and finally, when I'm alone, the serenity of enjoying the wilderness around me and seeing the world in a different way.
Favorite field guide for the US: Hands down, by far, without a doubt the bible of birding is Sibley's Field Guide. It has truly changed the way I look at birds and has given me a new level of valuable information.
Favorite non-field guide bird book: I actually haven't read many non-field guide bird books but I own a couple that I haven't opened yet so we'll see.
Who is your birder icon?: There are too many inspiring birdwatchers that have helped me and respected me as a birder to list here, but as far as icons go, I would have to say Audubon, Peterson, Sibley, and others that have changed the face of birding and helped move it forward to where it is now.
Do you have a bird feeder(s)?: At home, yes but not in Toronto (I would only get House Sparrows, European Starlings, and Rock Pigeons).
Favorite feeder bird?: Rose-breasted Grosbeak was my best feeder bird.
Favorite bird: Dark-eyed Junco

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