Thursday, August 02, 2007


Greetings to my new blog, a place where I will discuss issues concerning birds and related environmental and scientific issues.

A bit of background: I have been an avid birder now for 12 years and over that time, I have developed a deep understanding and appreciation of North American birds. I am passionate towards the hobby; the excitement of a new species, reminiscing past experiences, the constant learning process, the traveling, studying common species, and meeting wonderful people who share this past-time. It's a thrilling sport, one that has extended my interests into anything that flies (butterflies & dragonflies) and the natural history of Ontario. Birds are incredible creatures, beautiful and active, mysterious but familiar. They exhibit complex behaviours and relationships, stun us with their flight and migration, pacify us with their songs, and amaze us in their variety.

Therefore, I find the conservation and protection of birds to be an extremely important endeavour. Although this blog will be a place for me to log my birding experiences, various lists, and information on all bird species, I also plan to discuss environmental issues concerning these feathered wonders and new scientific studies regarding bird lifestyles and behavior, as well as review guides and books concerning birds and birding hot-spots (parks I've visited, etc). I am always fascinated by taxonomy in birds, as splitting (speciation) and lumping are always hot topics of debate among ornithologists so I hope to further investigate this interest. I also plan to highlight various species to study them in more detail and remind us that each individual species is special and unique in its own right.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

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