Thursday, August 02, 2007

Return to High Park

Well, my second trip to High Park (July 23) was not nearly as productive as my first trip a week before. This could be due to many factors including cloudier weather, birding later in the afternoon, etc. However, in terms of birds, the highlight was a large group of Chipping Sparrows that included juveniles being fed by their parents, which included breeding and nonbreeding plumages. This provided a great way to study Chipping Sparrows in their many forms (they look very different as juveniles with streaking spattered on their front and no sign of a red cap - it superficially resembles female House Sparrows in a way).

The day was alright for butterflies, though, including a new species for me: Striped Hairstreak. Another new butterfly for the year was Silver-spotted Skipper, one of the most easily-identifiable skippers.

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